When you need emergency care, you want the ER closest to you and deserve an ER with highly qualified doctors and a reputation for fast, compassionate care. That’s why the ER at Mainland Medical Center makes this promise to you: we’re here to help you through, like the neighbors we are. 

Your First Choice for Emergency and Urgent Care

Our board-certified ER doctors, nurses and specialists provide the highest quality emergency care. We have advanced certifications in cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, trauma care, and crisis intervention. 

Open 24/7 and right in your Texas City neighborhood, Mainland Medical Center is a Primary PCI Center for chest pain-related illnesses, a designated Level IV Trauma Center, and a Joint Commission designated Primary Stroke Center. 

What to Do in An Emergency

Emergencies can come in many forms, from a broken arm to a bad stomach flu. Our ER is here for you, but if you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should call 911.  Emergency medical technicians can begin assessing your condition over the phone and can provide better treatment on the way to the ER. Just as important, an ambulance will not get stuck in traffic. 

If your symptoms are related to a potential heart attack or stroke, call 911 – even if there is someone to drive you to the ER. 

If you’re experiencing an emergency, do not try to drive yourself to the ER. Your condition could cause you to get in an accident, which could worsen your situation or create an emergency for someone else. 

When to Go to the ER

Emergencies are not always obvious. You may even find yourself worrying about going to an ER and finding out your emergency wasn’t really an emergency. But in that moment, making the decision to call 911 or go to an ER could save your life. Visit GetERReady.com for more information. 

Find a Mainland Medical Center Doctor Near You

You can see whether your doctor has privileges at Mainland Medical Center or find one that does by searching our doctors and scheduling your appointment online here: Search & Schedule.